Enjoy the magic
of Astor Condos



235 NE 1st Street, #414

1 be/1 ba   $299,000


MLS# RX-10082415



day entry235 NE 1st St, #414 is more than just a way of life. It’s a privilege you have worked for and deserve. Whether it’s day or night, you will never grow tired of returning to the magic of living in the Astor Condos. As you walk home from the laughter of night shotDelray Beach’s famous Atlantic Avenue, you will smile at the knowledge that you have made an excellent choice in lifestyle and investment. Truly, your home is where your heart is. As you walk across the bridge on your way to the bridgeOwners’ Private Pool, stop and look down at the entry street to the condos. Reflect on your own success, both now and in the future. Contact Kerstin or Temple Williams at 561-241-6323. Get the home you always deserved.

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